About Us

Who We Are

Steamy Genie is an adult sex blog.

We are on a mission to inspire individuals to fulfill their sexual desires, whatever they may be. No matter, who you love, or how you to choose to express your desires, on Steamy Genie, you will find the best sex advice and tips all in one place.

A Few Words About

Our Values

We have six core values at Steamy Genie. We place you, the user, at the heart of everything that we do. 

Find your own happy

Never be afraid to break the mold. Expand your imagination.

Sex can be beautiful

Sex should be enjoyed by everybody involved.

Explore your desires

Don't allow fear to hold you back. Pursue whatever you desire.

Love freely

We believe that you should be able to love whoever you want to.

Embrace community

Our active blog is full of advice, tips and guidance so you can live your best life.

Never say Never

Try (nearly) everything once, even if it scares you, a little bit.