50 AMAZING Third Date Ideas That Will Lead To a Fourth Date

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Third dates can mean different things depending on what stage you are at with the person. For some people a third date is the third ever meeting with that special someone. For others, the third date is the third time they are spending romantic time with a life-long friend. At Steamy Genie we’ve created a list of 50 date ideas come rain or shine to make your next date a success.

couple exploring on date night

Try a new hobby

Discovering a new hobby with a love interest can bring you closer together. It will mean that for the duration of the relationship you will have a shared interest that you can both enjoy. This will bring you closer together. Some examples of new hobbies are badminton, archery, painting, cycling and knitting. You can teach yourself, learn on YouTube, or even book classes.

Visit local tourist sites

visit local tourist sites

Visiting local tourist sites in your home town or the nearest city can be a fun way to spend some time outdoors. This date idea works particularly well if you and your crush live in different cities. It’s super easy to organise. Simply visit Tripadvisor and search for the best things to do in your local area. Make things even more romantic by creating little clues about where you will be going and get them to try to guess what each tourist site is before they arrive.

Go on a picnic

Going on a picnic can be extremely romantic. Two adults, a nice blanket, and picnic hamper that’s full to the brim is all that’s required!

Play a competitive sport together

Competition can be healthy in a relationship. It brings out a different side to you and your date especially if you both hate losing! To keep things fair, this date idea works best if you both played a sport competitively at college, or if you are both complete beginners. Some examples of competitive sports that can be played together are tennis, rock climbing, golf and go-karting.

Attend a comedy show

Attending a comedy show on a date can cut through tension. Usually on a third date there can be awkwardness around the future, and ‘what you are’. However by going to a comedy show together there will be less talking and more laughing which will be very refreshing. Laughter stimulates production of the happy hormone, serotonin which is a natural high that helps reduce stress, and helps you view situations more positively.

Go to a gig


If you both like the same genre of music then this should be easy! Find a list of upcoming gigs nearby and check your date’s availability. Grab some drinks before the gig to have a chat. Then go to the gig together and sing your hearts out.

Make a candlelit dinner

Invite your date to your home for a romantic candlelit dinner for two. This can be a great way to get some one on one time with your date. This can be perfect for same-sex couples or trans couples who may feel self-concious eating at restaurants, and second guess displaying affection in public.

Watch the sunset

Watching the sunset from a great vantage point can be a beautiful way to spend an evening. As the colours turn from blue to burn orange spend the time getting to know your date better. Speak to them about their goals, their dreams and the future.

Visit a beach


Most people live within a few hours of a beach. So, for a third date that’s fun and memorable head to the sand and sea. This carefree experience can be a great way for you to get up close and personal with your date too. For example you could rub sunscreen on each other before sunbathing.

Go to a museum

If your date is interested in art, history, or design, a visit to a museum could be a thoughtful date. For brownie points, make sure you pay for their entry to the museum, or entry to an exhibition within the museum that aligns well with their interests.

Go volunteering

Volunteering is a good idea for a date because it encourages you both to focus on somebody or something else. There is no greater sacrifice than giving up your time to help others. It’s a precious resource. There will be a variety of ways to volunteer in your local area. It’s likely that you could have a soup kitchen in your area, a food bank, an animal shelter, or even a care home. Whatever your interests are, finding a shared opportunity to volunteer will fulfill you both – mind, body and soul.

Try a couples spa day

If you both work stressful jobs, spending a day at a spa could be just the ticket. Enjoy a couples massage, relax in a jacuzzi, and swim a few laps.

Go hiking

Hiking is a great date idea. First of all its great form of exercise which will release endorphins. Secondly hiking up a hill, or mountain, will provide you both with a great sense of achievement.

Go dancing


Dancing, whatever the style, can be a great way to release your inhibitions and break through the touch barrier. Salsa dancing can be sexual and intense. Zumba dancing can be fun and care-free. Street dance can be great if either of you would like to try dancing, but feel that you have two left feet!

Do a pub crawl in your local area

A pub crawl refers to a tour of sorts of several pubs or bars in a given area — and having one or several drinks at each stop. Pub crawls are extremely popular in the UK. They are typically done in groups made up of friends or co-workers. However, there is no reason why you can’t do a pub crawl as a date, as long as you both enjoy drinking!

Visit an escape room

For a mental challenge on a third date, visiting an escape room would be perfect. Escape rooms give visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fictional scenario within a locked room that they are required to break out of. The only way out of an escape room is by solving multiple puzzles, quizzes and games. Usually, you and your date will be racing against the clock too. This makes the overall experience exciting, stressful, and challenging at the same time.

Find an outdoor cinema

outdoor cinema

This third date idea is ideal if you live in a warm climate. Even more so, in the summer when the weather gets warmer. Most outdoor cinema’s allow you to drive in, or sit on bean bags, or deck chairs. You can usually find events in your city on Eventbrite or Time Out.

Find a pottery class

Recreate the iconic scene in Ghost with a pottery class with your date. Not only will you get to spend time with each other, but you will also have something to ‘show’ for it too.

Book a cooking class

It’s said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So why not book a cooking class together? Learning to cook new dishes with your date will mean that you learn new skills and improve your ability in the kitchen. At the end of it, you’ll be able to eat what you cook too. This means that if the thought of cooking on your own makes you nervous, cooking in a pair under supervision could be ideal.

Do a takeaway night

Thai? Chinese? Italian? Whatever you fancy on the night of your date, find a reputable place that delivers, and enjoy a takeaway night. A takeaway night doesn’t require any effort to get dressed up, or put makeup on. Plus, there’s the added benefit of being able to do whatever you want to do after dinner….

Do a themed movie night

This third date idea is perfect for movie buffs. If you have a favourite actor or collection of movies that are linked e.g. Marvel, then spend an entire day binge-watching as many movies as possible. Take breaks in between each movie to eat, check your phones, and prepare movie snacks.

Go to a group exercise class

couples yoga

Letting your crush see you as a hot sweaty mess may not seem like a great idea on date number 3. However, if they can’t handle you at your worst, they don’t deserve you at your best right? Book two spots at a fun gym class at a time that suits you and then grab a fruit smoothie, coffee, or healthy meal after you have showered. You wouldn’t want all that hard work going to waste.

Go stargazing

Stargazing can be incredibly romantic. It’s best done on a third date when you both trust each other more, than a first date when both of you could be less sure of each other. For this date, you need to either print out a star constellation, or purchase a map of the stars. Then drive into the countryside to find a secluded spot without lots of unnatural light. Be prepared by packing a picnic, a blanket and groundsheet if it is wet. For added romance, surprise your date with a nice bottle of red wine, or flask of hot chocolate.

Visit a karaoke bar


As Shakespeare once said “if music be the food of love, play on”, or in this case, sing on. Visiting a karaoke bar can be a fun way to spend a few hours. It forces you to meet other people, let go of any inhibitions, and encourages you both to release your inner child. Get crazy.

Go to a cocktail making masterclass

A cocktail masterclass date means that you can drink with your date without feeling like you need to rush. With most cocktail masterclasses you choose a cocktail that you would like to make, are instructed on how to make it, craft it, then drink it. This process is typically repeated 3,4,5, or even 6 times!

Visit a theme park


If you want adrenaline-inducing fun with your date, then take them to a theme park. Fast food, candy floss, and fast rides are a dream combination. If your date doesn’t like fast rides there’s always the teacups…

Go to the circus

Going to the circus can be a great way to keep a date entertaining. Usually the circus is only in town for a week or two so it means that you will be forced to get your tickets, and confirm a date in advance. Having a pre-set event to attend that can’t be easily rearranged can be perfect if your date often prioritises work.

Go wine tasting

wine tasting

Wine tasting with your date can be super serious and sophisticated if you’re both very into your wine. Or, it can be a fun way to get drunk with your date whilst you pretend to be super serious and sophisticated. Most wine bars, and some restaurants, offer wine tasting throughout the week. Many offer food, snacks, or platters as part of the tasting.

Book a romantic weekend away

Booking a weekend away for a third date is extravagant, but it’s also very romantic. Any date will appreciate the gesture as long as you’re at the stage where spending 1-2 nights away won’t be uncomfortable. Your weekend away can be in the countryside, it could be a camping trip, or even a short flight away. Before booking any trips outside of the country make sure they have a valid passport!

Find a bowling alley

Going bowling will bring back fun childhood memories of playing against family and friends. If you play with your date, you’ll get into the competitive spirit and try your best to beat them! Nearly everyone can roll a bowling ball down in a fairly straight line so the skill level required to have fun is relatively low.

Get ice-cream

ice cream

Grabbing an ice-cream can be a great way to cool down in the warmer months. If you’re on a diet then choose sorbet, or buy froyo (frozen yoghurt).

Rent bikes and explore the city

rent bikes

If you live in London you will be very familiar with the famous ‘Boris bikes’ (Santander Cycles). Most other cities around the world will have similar offerings such as Bimbi Bikes, On Your Bike, Mobike, Nextbike and FlickBike.

Penny date

A penny date doesn’t cost a penny. Instead, a penny date is where you decide what to do on your date based on the flip of a penny. The rules of the game are as follows:

  • Invite your date to your home
  • Find a penny
  • Let your date choose a number between 10-20. This will be the number of times you flip the penny
  • Pull out of the drive in your car and begin! HEADS is right, TAILS is left.
  • Every time you come to an intersection, flip the penny, and turn the corresponding direction
  • Once you get to the number from Step 2 – look around
  • Start your date where you stop

Play truth or dare

Playing truth or dare with your date can be the perfect way to get to know your date better. Ideally, this date will happen at home, however it can happen in public too as long as the dare’s are PG.

Organise board game night

Board game night can be as long or as short as you would like it to be. Board game night can be cheap too. If you don’t own many games then just borrow a few from your family or friends! For hours of strategic fun on a third date, Monopoly should be your go to game. For a stimulating challenge that requires you to brush up your vocabulary, then Scrabble should be your top pick

Restore a piece of furniture

Restoring a piece of furniture will make your third date active and challenging. The best thing about restoring furniture is that in the future, you can look back on it and think “that’s what we made on our third date” with fond memories.

Go shopping for vintage items

vintage camera

Whether you’re into vintage fashion, or just love a good vintage bargain, a daytime date spent bargain hunting in vintage shops, and charity shops with somebody who is equally as passionate can be a good third date idea.

See a musical


There are lots and lots of musical’s out there. London and New York are mecca’s for musical’s. However there are lots of community groups that put musicals and amateur dramatic societies that put on plays regularly too. Tickets to these shows are typically cheaper.

Go to the opera

Don’t shy away from a date at the opera just because you’ve never been before. The stories are always captivating whether they’re highly emotional, or simply hilarious. Opera comes in virtually all written languages. However, Italian, German, French and English are the most common languages. But fear not, even if you can’t speak the language you will still be able to enjoy the experience based on the performance of the actors, the set, and the costume.

Go to IKEA


IKEA has been known to make or break new relationships. For a third date going to IKEA may sound a little strange but IKEA is a good test of compatibility. Does one of you get tired after 5 minutes? Does one of you try to buy everything you see? Whether you choose to buy anything or not is irrelevant as long as you finish the date with a nice bowl of swedish meatballs.

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is a good date idea that will also help benefit the environment. It’s literally a win win situation. There is nothing more satisfying than planting a tree and watching it grow over the coming years with your potential soul mate. The Royal Horticultural Society has created this guide to tree planting. However it’s also possible to find tree planting events in your idea. In the UK, The National Forest Organisation organises group events throughout the year.

Start a new course

Starting a new course is a good date idea if you see yourself being with your date long term. If you would both like to learn a new language, or new skill, enroll yourselves onto the course, and dedicate a few hours to learning each week.

Recreate a scene from your favourite movie

movie scene

Recreate a scene from your favourite movie for your third date and see where the night takes you. We recommend choosing a ‘boy meets girl’ scene. For example, in the movie 50 First Dates, Henry (Adam Sandler) spots Lucy (Drew Barrymore) at a diner, as she builds a house out of waffles. Henry asks if he can fix the door of the house. Lucy has memory loss so forgets. However, in real life you and your date could meet at a diner, gorge on delicious waffles, and then decide to go to a bar.

Go to a farmers market

Going to a farmers market when the sun is shining is truly glorious. Try, find, and buy delicious organic produce with your date, and if you’re confident in the kitchen, make them something tasty using the ingredients that you buy at the market. This will definitely impress them!

Try dog-sitting

dog sitting

Dog-sitting can be fun and unpredictable. Dog-sitting on a third date is fairly easy to organise. Simply make a profile on BorrowMyDoggy, PetBacker, Host A Pet, or Rover, then apply to look after somebody else’s dog at a time that suits the owner. Ideally your date will be free at the same time too!

Go to a book club meeting together

If you both appreciate a good read, joining a book club and going to a meeting can allow you to learn more about each other. During book club meetings you will have the opportunity to evaluate how they interpret passages of a book, an author’s intention, and appreciate their intellect as they debate with other individuals in the club.

Go to the cinema

A cinema date isn’t the most imaginative of dates. However, if a new movie is premiering that you both absolutely can’t wait to see e.g. Batman, then a midnight movie screening cannot be beaten.

Hire a boat

hire a boat

Hiring a boat doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You can hire a boat, yacht or catamaran for a few hours. Then sail out to sea, or sail down a river with your date beside you. This is incredibly romantic and it can be elevated further if you have a picnic on board or some champagne.

Get your friends involved

If you see a long term future with your date, then it makes sense that they meet your friends sooner rather than later. Invite your date to night out with your friends in a relaxed environment. See how they interact with them. Are they relaxed? Are they enjoying themselves? If your friends like your date and the feeling is mutual it suggests that they could be a keeper.

Watch a football game together

football match

Football may be your passion, but it may not necessarily be theirs. So, give them the opportunity to understand more about your world by inviting them to watch your favourite team. If nothing else, your date should be able to appreciate the atmosphere in the stadium which can turn any non-fan into at least an interested spectator.


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