Anal Depth Play: The Ultimate Guide

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Anal depth play is a logical next step for men and women looking to take their anal training to the next level. Men and women who are experts in anal depth training can insert anal probes deep into the colon for a fuller feeling. To learn more about anal depth training, read this blog post!

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Anal Depth Training FAQs

What is anal depth training?

Anal depth training is is a type of anal training which focuses on inserting sex toys deep into the anal cavity. Anal depth training is different to anal training, and anal stretching. In anal depth training an individual is trying to insert one toy as deep as possible into the colon, as opposed to stretching their anus for bigger and wider objects.

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Who should start anal depth training?

Anyone can start anal depth training. Usually people start anal depth training if they would like a new challenge after several years of anal sex and fisting. However, for some people, their dominant may have expressed a desire to train their sub, or pleasure their sub by using longer sex toys. This can mean that the sub will need to prepare themselves in advance to be a good submissive.

How do I start anal depth training?

To start anal training, you need to get comfortable relaxing your anal muscles. It’s also important to learn how to respond under pressure. When you reach your sigmoid bend, apply gentle, persistent pressure with an anal probe. It’s a simple technique, but it requires patience. Eventually, your body will allow the toy you are using to go beyond the bend but this can take a long time. Once you have tried this technique a few times, and have started to feel more confident, then you can start experimenting. You may wish to try using depth training toys with more unique shapes which we will go through later on!

Do I need to use special sex toys for anal depth training?

We recommend buying specialist anal probes. These probes are specifically designed for deep penetration. They are flexible yet firm, and are typically over 15 inches in length.

10 Best Toys For Anal Depth Training

Mr Hankey’s SEAHORSE Dildo

Mr Hankeys Seahorse Dildo

Shaped phallically, the 15.5 inch Mr Hankey’s SEAHORSE features sexy webbing from the suction cup base all the way up to the realistic tip. This 15.5 inch long XXL dildo is the perfect anal toy as it’s extremely versatile. The toy can be used for both anal stretching and anal depth training for those who are hungry and ambitious. The bumps, ridges are pronounced and heighten the sensation upon entry. This silicone toy is at the top our list!

Buy the Mr Hankey’s SEAHORSE Dildo

Mr Hankey’s SIGMALOID Dildo

Mr Hankeys Sigmaloid Dildo

For those of you who want some length without the width, the 14.5 inch Mr Hankey’s SIGMALOID Dildo is the perfect depth toy for you. This finger-like, creature is can explore your insides, and navigate the bends at ease.  As this toy is thinner than most of the other toys in this list, it is ideally suited to beginners who may be unable to handle wider toys – but want to experience a fuller feeling.

Buy the Mr Hankey’s SIGMALOID Dildo

Hosed 19 Inch Realistic Hose

Hosed 19 Inch Realistic Hose

When a dildo has been renamed a hose, you know it goes deep! The Hose 19 Inch Realistic Dildo is perfect for depth training seeking a deep anal probe. With a thickness of only 1.65 inches, this sex toy can go all the way in. The powerful suction cup base will stick on to almost any surface which means that you can attach this sex toy to a mirror, shower wall, or tiled surface. Made from super flexible PVC which is phthalates free and hypoallergenic, not only is this anal probe perfectly shaped, it’s also perfectly safe.

Buy the Hosed 19 Inch Realistic Hose

SquarePegToys Slink Depth Training Dildo


The SquarePegToys Slink Depth Training Dildo ranges from small (12.4 inches) to XXL (24.5 inches). The quality of this special sex toy is unrivalled. Each slink is handmade, super soft and flexible to follow the internal curves in the body. The material is 100% platinum grade silicone which makes it safe for internal play with no nasties.

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Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Dildo

Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Dildo

The monstruos Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Dildo is a unique looking dildo complete with suckers and a pointy tip. This colon snake is a whopping 22.5 inches for pure gratification. Once submerged in your sphincter, this deviant depth training dildo promises unparalleled stimulation. Hand poured using the finest quality, platinum grade silicone, this amazing animal dildo is non-toxic, phthalates free and compatible with water-based lubricant. Why not keep count of the amount of suckers you’re able to pop inside each time?

Buy the Sinnovator Dagon Depth Training Dildo

Sinnovator Stallion Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo

Sinnovator Stallion Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo

The Sinnovator Stallion is a huge dildo with a pronounced head, skin fold and scrotum. The balls at the base will provide unique sensations as they slap against your sphincter. At 16 inches, this dildo can go deep to leave you feeling full, and fully satisfied. Handmade, and expertly crafted, this platinum silicone dildo is non-toxic & body safe. This adult toy is also available in black.

Buy the Sinnovator Stallion Horse Platinum Silicone Dildo

SquarePegToys Depth Probe Colon Snake

SquarePegToys Depth Probe Colon Snake

The SquarePegToys Depth Probe Colon Snake which easily bends to follow your body’s natural internal curves. This Colon Snake can be purchased in 3 sizes, starting from 15 inches, and going all the way up to a whopping 38 inches. This means that you can go deeper with this toy than nearly any other depth training toy. This depth training toy is made of 100% platinum grade silicone which makes it body safe, hypoallergenic, non-toxic and non-porous.

Buy the SquarePegToys Depth Probe Colon Snake

Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake

Doc Johnson Deep In Kink Anal Probe

The Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake is aimed to give great satisfaction to experts who know what they’re doing. At almost 20 inches when used correctly, this toy can result in extreme pleasure. This anal snake is lightly ribbed all along from the flared base at the bottom to the narrow tapered tip. Like all of the toys featured, this anal depth toy is made from high quality, body safe silicone.

Buy the Doc Johnson Kink In Deep Anal Snake

Hosed 19 Inch Beaded Hose

Hosed 19 Inch Beaded Hose

The Hosed 19 Inch Beaded Hose is not for beginners. This sex toy is extra-long and 2 inches thick. From the base to the tip, there are smooth beads which will create a fuller feeling as your probe. There are eight beads in total on this hose and as they are numbered, you will be able to monitor your progress each week as you become an anal depth demon! After use, clean thoroughly using antibacterial toy cleaner and mild soap and warm water.

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Mr Hankey’s LONG JOHN Dildo

Mr Hankeys Long John Dildo

The 13.25 inch Mr Hankey’s Long John Dildo is everything you need to wake up all of those beautifully orgasmic nerve endings on the way to your gut. The Long John is very long – but not very thick. This means that you can go deep without stretching your hole too wide. The Long John Dildo is one of the most realistic looking toys in this list which makes it perfect for men and women who prefer their toys to look and feel more life-like. 

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