Anal Stretching: How To Safely Stretch Your Anus

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If you’re new to anal play, the thought of anal stretching might seem strange. But fear not, in this blog post we explain what it means, why it’s done, and how to do it. Anal stretching isn’t typically for beginners, so if you’re thinking about trying anal sex for the first time, you should check out our beginners guide to anal training.

Anal Training FAQs

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What is anal stretching?

Anal stretching is the act of widening the anus using sex toys. Unlike anal training for sex, anal stretching means stretching the anus beyond what’s ‘normal’. This can mean playing with sex toys that have a circumference up to 15 inches.

Why do people stretch their anus?

Anal stretching is a kink. It can be extremely exciting to take bigger and bigger toys over time.

What should I know before anal stretching?

Anal stretching can modify the shape of the anus ring. Some people start anal training with this goal in mind, but it’s worth being aware of before getting started. The more the anus is stretched, and the bigger the toys used are, the longer it takes for the ring of the anus to return to size.

Is stretching permanent?

Typically, no. If you stop stretching or take a break, your body’s musculature will gradually tighten up again – especially with kegel exercises. This also means that your anus won’t be “stretched” for life.

How long will all this take?

Anal stretching is not a fast kink. But, with practice sessions multiple times a week, you should start to see changes within two weeks. After a month, you should be able to progress to bigger toys. However, everybody is different, so pay attention to how your body responds over time frames.

What is gaping?

Anal gaping is the most extreme form of anal stretching. Not everyone who tries anal stretching will experience gaping. Using large toys for extended periods of time can temporarily cause a gape after the user removes the toys. But this usually only lasts for a few minutes.

What other anal kinks are there?

In addition to anal stretching, a lot of anal aficionados enjoy anal depth training. Whereas anal stretching is focused on inserting wider objects, depth training focuses on inserting longer objects.

How To Start Anal Stretching

Step 1: Get clean

Before anal stretching, many men and women douche. The word “douche” means to wash or soak. After showering, an anal douche can be inserted into the anus and squirted upwards for a deeper clean. Take your time with this. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature and be prepared to do at least two or three cycles. Read this blog post on anal douching to learn more.

Step 2: Buy lubricant

Lubricant is essential for any form of anal play. But it’s especially important for anal stretching. Anal stretching lubricants need to be slick and slippery. We recommend the FIST IT Extra Thick Water-Based Anal Fisting Lubricant. Formulated from a colourless, odourless and tasteless formula, it’s the perfect lubricant for anal stretching.

Step 3: Choose the right anal toys

Choosing the right toys will literally make or break you. You want to choose toys that you can use as your confidence grows over time.

Inflatable butt plugs are popular for beginners just starting out. Inflatable butt plugs are controlled with an easy-to-use pump which can be squeezed with one hand. The best realistic inflatable butt plug is the Cock Locker Inflatable Penis Butt Plug. This inexpensive toy is made from inflatable latex and suitable with water-based lubricants. However, the Cock Locker Large Inflatable Butt Plug may be preferred if you’re looking for an inflatable toy that’s on the larger side. This sizable toy has a maximum circumference of 15 inches.

Cock Locker Large Inflatable Butt Plug

However, there are lots of other types of anal stretching toys available. The Colt XL Large Silicone Butt Plug is a strong non-inflatable option. Its tapered tip makes insertion incremental and easier to manage, while the wide base prevents unwanted upwards travel.

Colt XL Large Silicone Butt Plug

For size-queens, the Doc Johnson Titan Men Intimidator Anal Plug is ideal. Offering an astonishing 11 inches in both length and circumference, experienced big toy users will be thrilled by its ridges and tapered tip. Stretchers can use the ridges to monitor progress over time.

Doc Johnson TitanMen Intimidator Anal Plug 10 Inch

Step 4: Start slowly

With anal stretching, the most important measure is progress over time. However, progress may be slow. It’s likely that you won’t be able to take the entire toy the first time around. Accept this before you start training. Instead, lube up the toy, and slip the tip in. Slowly slide the toy in and once you feel you can’t take any more, just stop. Leave the toy where it is, and try to distract yourself. Let your body do the rest. Over time your stopping point will change as your anus stretches.

If you liked our blog post on anal stretching, you may also like our blog post on anal depth play.


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