Best Non-Latex Condoms For Sensitive Skin

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Have you experienced itching, rashes or a burning sensation after sex? If so, then your condoms could be the cause. Latex, and the chemicals found in latex can cause men and women discomfort after sex. But fear not. There are a range of non-latex condoms for sensitive skin that can be used instead. To find out the best condoms to go for, read this blog post!

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What are non latex condoms made of?

Non-latex condoms are typically either made of lambskin or polyisoprene.

What are polyisoprene condoms?

Polyisoprene condoms are vegan condoms that are made from synthetic rubber. This makes them different to latex condoms, because they don’t contain the same proteins or chemicals. Compared to latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms are stretchier, and often thinner. Polyisoprene condoms also offer similar levels of pregnancy and STD prevention when compared to latex condoms.

What are lambskin condoms?

Lambskin condoms are made from sheep intestines. This means that they don’t contain any of the proteins that cause irritation when using latex condoms. Lambskin condoms seem to provide increased sensitivity and feel more natural than latex condoms. However, lambskin condoms are not as effective as latex condoms. There are tiny holes in lambskin condoms that are small enough to allow STDs to pass through. This means that you should use lambskin condoms if you are in a monogamous relationship.

Best Non-Latex Condoms For Sensitive Skin 2020

Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms

Trojan is one of the most iconic condom brands in the world. The Trojan NaturaLamb Condoms are undoubtedly one of the best lambskin condoms on the market. These condoms are coated in a water-based lubricant. However, like most lambskin condoms, the Trojan NaturaLamb condoms have a unique smell. If used orally, you may find that these condoms have a unique taste.

SKYN Polyisoprene Lubricated Condoms

The SKYN Polyisoprene Lubricated Condoms are ideal for men and women with sensitive skin. These condoms combine the strength of premium latex with the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom. For extra protection and reassurance SKYN, has a facility for manufacturing non-latex condoms which is separate from the manufacturing facility used for the latex condoms. This means that the chance of cross-contamination is extremely small. So, if you have a known allergy to latex, and it can be quite severe, you may wish to use SKYN condoms over an alternative.

Durex Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms

Durex Real Feel Non Latex Condoms

The Durex Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms are made with polyisoprene for latex-free comfort. These Real Feel condoms are specifically designed to make you and your partner feel like you are wearing nothing at all. This synthetic material has higher elasticity than natural rubber latex, making them more comfortable to use.

Mates Skyn Elite Condoms

Mates Skyn Elite Condoms

The Mates Skyn Elite Condoms are ultra-thin and ultra-soft for ultra-pleasurable sex. These condoms are only 0.04 millimetres thick! Few latex condoms on the market are this thin, let alone non-latex condoms. Like most of the condoms in our top 5, the Mates Skyn Elite Condoms are made of polyisoprene.

Durex Latex Free Condoms

Durex Latex Free Condoms

The Durex Latex Free Condoms are specially designed for men and women with an allergy to latex. The Durex Latex Free Condoms are made from a polyisoprene non-latex material making them both strong, and elastic. Transparent, lubricated and teat ended, these latex free condoms will look, and feel, no different to the latex condoms that you may have become accustomed to.

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