Best Sex Toys For Bisexual Men

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Are you a bisexual man looking to find the right sex toys? This blog post is the place for you as we showcase the best on the market for bi men.

Having The Right Sex Toy Is Key For Bisexual Men

For bisexual men, your fantasies may flip between male and female regularly. It’s a good idea to have multiple sex toys of both male and female orifices to fulfil your sexual desires. You may even enjoy interchanging and acting out your threesome fantasies during one session.


Fleshlights come in many different forms. Some as more virgina looking like this highly rated Fleshlight Riley Reid Utopia Texture. This soft plastic, realistic virgina has been described as very nice for all occasions. Ms Reid’s Utopia texture will turn you on via a cool sensual stimulation and twisty tightness.

If you fancy some female fun then this Fleshlight Butt Eva Lovia Spice Texture will be sure to give you endless nights of textured fun.

When you want sex with a male you may want to try a male butt fleshlight like this highly regarded Fleshjack Boys Colby Keller Lumberjack Butt. This toy has been described as very realistic and tight. Guys have used this in the shower and really enjoyed how wet and slippery the hole gets. As both male and female ass’s tend to be the same (all be it less hairy), you can use a male ass fleshlight whilst fantasising about doing anal with a woman.

Anals Toys

For bisexual men, anal stimulation can open up a world of unlimited sensations. Anal toys are a great way to explore what fun you can have with your ass. You can play with them on your own or with your partner, and you can build up your ability to take bigger things such as a real life penis.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are a great sex toy for most bisexual men. If you’re new to using butt plugs you may want to start off with a small size. You can use some lube and slowly insert it into your anus. These plugs provide a sparkly jewel on the end, which can be a very hot view for your partners. You may even decide to wear one in the office or whilst you do your weekly shop. Many bisexual men get turned on by making their partner wear one during dates as a submissive act.

Anal Beads

anal beads

Anal beads are a completely different toy to butt plugs but sometimes people seem to confuse the two. Anal beads tend to be much longer whilst butt plugs, like their name, are shorter ‘plug type’ toys for the anus.

Unlike the intense sensation of having a full plug inside you, beads give you the sensation upon their removal. Sometimes the beads increase in size as you move up the toy and others they’re all the same. Having your partner dictate how many beads you can take, or the rate of their removal, is incredibly hot and steamy.

Do make sure you keep hold of the handle, as you will be surprised at how many beads you can actually fit up there.

Anal Dildos

An anal dildo is a gay and bisexual mans best friend. There are so many types of dildos on the market, with different levels of quality. You should definitely shop around and find one that suits you and your anus. This could be based on the size and thickness of the dick, or what shape you prefer inside you. It’s entirely up to you. Do you fantasise about sleeping with a pornstar? There are many dildos on the market that have been moulded around the shape and size of famous pornstars.

If you are using a dildo on your own, a great tip is to invest in one that can be stuck to the floor or door. Dildos with a suction end, will allow you to secure them to surfaces, meaning you can focus more on the act and less on having to hold it.

Anal Vibrators

dildo vibrator will supercharge your dildo time and produce vibrations that will simulate the real thing.

You may also decide to purchase a small hand held vibrator to rub around your penis whilst you enjoy the pleasure of your dildo vibrator. You can also use a vibrating dildo on a side and rub the shaft alongside your penis.


Are you looking for that high intensity orgasm? If so, a vibrator is just what you need. It can take your masturbation up multiple levels and create a completely unique sensation. 

The blowjob simulator above will give your penis a very similar feeling to getting head. 

There are many toys that incorporate vibration and you can really build up a variety of new gadgets to keep you entertained. Many vibrator toys now include a heat setting, so they will warm up and resemble what an ass or vagina/mouth would feel like. A Blowmotion Warming Rechargeable Vibrating Male Masturbator is a top quality warming vibrator with multiple speed settings. This toy, once pushed over your penis, will provide a long session of different speed settings along with a warming element. If you shut your eyes – users have said it feels like you’re being given head or have somebody riding on top of your penis. Just note that if the inevitable happens and you ejaculate into the toy, it is easily wiped clean.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are circular rings that are placed over the penis. They can vibrate and provide an intense sensation. Cock rings have other benefits too, such as providing firmer erections, supporting greater intensity when topping and helping you to stay hard whilst receiving a blow job.

Cock rings for bisexual men are ideal for both men having sex with a women, and/or men having intercourse with another man.

Sex Dolls

Are you a lonely bisexual man that wants to snuggle up and penetrate your dream woman? If the answer is yes, then investing in a sex doll is really worthwhile. This doll in particular has great reviews > THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll.

Sex dolls are often used when two bisexual men are sleeping together and fancy tag teaming a woman. The act of watching the other man dominate the sex doll can also be very arousing.

Penis Pumps

Are you a bisexual man with a smaller than average sized penis? If so, using Penis pumps can help to increase the look and size of your penis. You may decide to use this just before sex, so you can show off your improved manhood, or during sex to pleasure both yourself and your partner.

Realistic Vaginas

Are you a bisexual man that has only slept with men? Trying out a realistic vagina can help build up your confidence of where to put your penis. These Realistic vaginas have had great reviews and are of good quality.

A realistic vagina is also a great addition to have in your sex toy collection when you are feeling turned on by women.

Realistic Butts

Similar to realistic vaginas, Realistic butts give you the chance to build up your confidence and experiment with the act of sleeping with a man. You may find it hot to start intercourse with the realistic vagina and then change over to the butt, just as you would in a real life MMF threesome.

Whilst we have highlighted some of the best sex toys for bisexual men on the market, your body and sexual desires are unique to you. Try experimenting with different toys until you find what turns you on and really enhances your orgasms.

How Do I Know If I Am Bisexual?

If you have read this blog and thought, wait a minute, how do I know if I am bisexual? You can read our blog post on the signs to look out for that might mean you’re bi.


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