Best Vibrators For Men – Top 7 Toys In 2021

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male vibrators

Male vibrators are sex toys that are specifically designed to stimulate the penis or the prostate. Male vibrators can allow men to orgasm without using their hands. It excludes vibrating cock rings, fleshlights, and thrusting machines.

Vibrators for men are becoming more popular – as they should be! With a male vibrator, you can experience mind-blowing orgasms. Why use a hand when you can enjoy some motorised fun instead?

male vibrators

The Best Penis Vibrators For Men

Penis vibrators are toys that vibrate, rather than stroke, the penis. By vibrating deeply, these toys shake your shaft all the way to your core, and stimulate your prostate. This can lead to intense orgasms.

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

When the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential was first launched, it was dubbed the world’s first “guybrator”. Since then, this sleek silicone toy has gone on to win several awards and has allowed men all over the world to cum hands-free. With the Pulse Solo Essential, there is no need to move the toy back and forth to ejaculate. All that you need to do is wrap your penis in the curved wings of this toy. Once your penis is inside the toy, the PulsePlate™ technology will start to vibrate, sending oscillations around your penis for hands free orgasms. There are six settings to maximise pleasure. This Hot Octopuss penis vibrator can also be used for arousal if you struggle with erectile dysfunction, and in the bath, or shower for more fun. To masturbate with the Pulse Solo Essential, just add a water-based lubricant and you’re good to go!

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Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker

The Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Male Stroker has a distinctive wand shape, which is easy to hold and use. Special ridges on the wings keep water-based lubricants evenly distributed to prevent the chance of friction. Buttons on the handle are easily accessible too. In addition to being a highly effective penis vibrator, the stroker can be positioned as the base of your shaft for extra-intense orgasms during fellatio, or penetrative sex. Like the Pulse Solo Essential, this Fun Factory toy is completely waterproof, which means that it can even be used in the bath or shower, for wet and wild experiences.

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Trinity Vibes Multi Speed Penis Head Vibrator

The Trinity Vibes Multi Speed Penis Head Vibrator literally does what it says on the tin! This penis vibrator has a TPR sleeve which is designed to be pulled over the penis head for targeted stimulation. The vibrations are derived from two motorised bullets on either side of the penis the sleeve for pleasure. This sex toy is designed to fit penises of all sizes, however we always reccomend checking the size guide before making a purchase. For naughty fun, with a partner, you can choose to remove the bullets from the penis sleeve and rub it on other sensitive parts of the body. For example, you could place a bullet on the clitoris, or perineum.

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Hot Octopuss Jett

The Hot Octopuss Jett is the world’s first customisable ‘Guybrator’. The Jett is typically worn on against the frenulum, below the tip of the penis and expands as you do. Like the Trinity Vibes vibrator, the Jett’s vibrations come from two metal vibrating bullets. However, the Jett has Hot Octopuss’s unique Treble & Bass Technology™ built in which makes this sex toy extremely unique. One bullet (treble bullet) emits powerful high-frequency waves, whilst the other bullet (bass bullet). Both can be adjusted simultaneously so that you can discover the perfect frequency for your body. For even more intense orgasms, try using the Jett with one of the prostate massagers that we’ll cover below!

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Best Prostate Massage Vibrators For Men

Men have G-spot’s too. Sometimes the male G-spot is called the P-spot. The ‘P’ stands for prostate. The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. When the prostate is stimulated it can lead to climaxes without masturbation.

Dr Joel Kaplan's Prostate Massager

Dr Joel’s Kaplan’s Prostate Massager is ideal for men who have never stuck something up their butt before. This expertly crafted prostate massager is slim and slender for easy insertion. The slight angle at the tip makes it perfect for stimulating the prostate. A simple twist-base controls the speed of vibration. To experience heightened sensitivity and extended pleasure, always use a quality lubricant with this toy.

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LELO Bruno Vibrating Prostate Massager

This ergonomically designed vibrating prostate massager features two motorised heads. One head vibrates on the prostate, whilst the other vibrates on the perineum for enhanced stimulation. The LELO Bruno is rechargeable rather than battery operated which means that all you need to do to connect the USB lead from your laptop to the LELO Bruno to recharge this sex toy. The LELO Bruno prostate massager is not recommended for beginners as the LELO Bruno is fairly girthy. Therefore, we recommend reading our guide on anal training first to help you get to grips with anal penetration.

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Pleasure Probe 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager

The very affordable, Pleasure Probe 10 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager has 3 bulbous curves and 10 individual vibration modes. Each bulb can be inserted gradually if you’re not very confident by using lots of water-based lubricant. To start with you may choose to remove the vibrating bullet to practice inserting the toy and removing it. This can help you get better acquainted with your body before the vibrations start pulsating through your rear. The T-shaped base is perfectly shaped to help you guide the toy deeper inside, and apply pressure when needed.

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