Dating A Divorced Man – 5 Reasons Why It’s AMAZING

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Everybody has heard horror stories about divorced men. Some men claim to be divorced when they’re really separated. Other men are divorced, and have been for so long, they have become a hermit. Worse still, some divorced men seek a romantic partner solely to look after them in the way that their wife or husband used to. But in this post we will give you 8 reasons why dating a divorced man can be AMAZING. The potential reward significantly outweighs the risks.

Dating a divorced man means that you should have great sex

Physical intimacy is one of the first things to stop in a marriage. It’s like a death knell in many ways. Providing the man you are dating didn’t have an affair which led to his divorce, it’s quite likely that he will be ready and raring to go in the bedroom. New sex is exciting.

In addition to divorced men wanting to have lots of sex, they may also want to live out all of their sexual fantasies too. They will see a new relationship as the perfect time to live out their deepest desires. Maybe they’re into BDSM, or they want to try a threesome. Whatever it is, if you’re on the same page, the experiences you shared could be exhilarating.

Divorced men are typically more responsible

If you’re used to dating men under 30 who have the maturity of a toddler, then dating a divorced man will be refreshing. By the time you meet them they will have probably spent decades building a career, they would have spent countless hours looking after their children, and they would have had to manage basic essentials like bills. This means that you won’t have to teach them how to be an adult. So, if you’re looking for a man, who can handle his then s*** then you should consider dating a divorcee.

Divorced men tend to know what they want

Divorced men tend to know what they want, and why they want it. Years of being in a relationship can show them which qualities are required in a long term partner to make them happy. For example, if their previous spouse was inflexible, or lacked motivation, it’s highly likely that they will desire the opposite in their next partner. With age, and experience comes wisdom.

Divorced men often already have children

If you already have children of your own, or you know that you categorically do not want to have children, dating a divorce man could be a good idea. Many divorced men already have children of their own and do not want to go through the process of raising children a second time.

Divorced men are usually more emotionally intelligent

divorced man emotionally intelligent

Divorces don’t just happen overnight. They are typically the result of many months, of even years of deep unhappiness. Marriages tend to follow a cycle. After the honeymoon period, marital satisfaction tends to decline when making allowances for a spouse’s inevitable shortcomings becomes harder. External stressors such as work, finances and children play a key role here because marriages and other intimate relationships do not take place in a vacuum.

Going through this process over the course of several years can make a man more emotionally intelligent. He may have had to communicate with his spouse about a range of issues. There may have even been counselling in an attempt to work through problems. On top of this, possible considerations such as children, would have meant that selfless decisions would have had to be made to keep everyone as happy as possible. Marriage isn’t easy, but going through a divorce is even harder.

Divorced men want to make things right

Many men feel like a failure after divorce. Self doubt, embarrassment and shame are all common emotions in the aftermath. However, it’s not unusual for divorced men to seek a second bit of the cherry to make things right. There are many divorced men out there who have taken the time to work on themselves and their mistakes after their marriage ended. If he has decided to get married for the second time it’s because he has learned from his past. He wouldn’t go through it again if he didn’t believe that his next marriage would last forever.

Divorced men understand the ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments of a relationship

Everybody loves the ‘newness’ of a new relationship. There’s lust, intense passion, and lots of fun. However, this doesn’t always last. As relationships evolve the day-to-day can take over. More effort is required – along with more planning too. Divorced men understand this so they do what they can to make life easier. They know how much small acts of kindness mean to the woman they love. Whether it’s offering to drive to the shops for you, or voluntarily helping with chores, divorced men have usually done it all before.


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