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If you’re new to the world of Findom and would like to know more about the terms used, then this blog is just for you. In our Findom Glossary we’ll explain the most common terms you will come across on platforms such as Twitter.

What Is Financial Domination

This is a type of sexual domination where a dom (either a male or female) takes payment (tribute) from their submissive (either a male or female). This sexual fetish of giving or receiving money to get aroused is a huge global business. For many people it is a full time job with amazing earning potential.

What Is A Findom/Fin domme?

This is a shorter name for financial dominant. It can either be a man or a woman and they can look to earn money from either male or female submissive’s.

What is an Alpha?

Alpha is the term for a dominant male or female. Typically alphas are aggressive and powerful which is a massive turn on for betas or submissive’s which are the opposite.

What Does BDSM Stand For?


This is the name for certain types of sex in the categories of bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism.

What Is Cash App?

Cash App is a payment app that is commonly used in Findom because you can send and receive money for free. It also allows you to do this anonymously, using a simple $cashtag. This is crucial for many in the Findom world as they want to keep this fetish private. Cash App has also now made it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin which is ever growing in value and is seen as a great investment.

What Is A Cash Fag

This is the term used for a homosexual who is typically unattractive, weak and worthless in Findom. A cashfag feels inferior to good looking and often straight dominants. A cashfag is turned on by the act of sending money and tributes to their dominant for absolutely nothing in return and is often made to feel even more worthless which arouses them.

What Is A Cash Master?

A cash master is a name commonly used for the dom who is looking to earn money for their services of dominating and selling personal items such as used socks and underwear.

What is a Finsub?

A Finsub is the term often used for a financial submissive. A finsub will send cash tributes to their dominant.

What is a Foot Master?

A footmaster is somebody that sells pictures and content of their feet. They often have nice large feet and their financial submissives are typically guys with an obvious foot fetish. Foot masters will often want to be treated like royalty and have their new socks and trainers paid for along with other tributes.

What is a Human ATM

human atm

A human ATM is a finsub that lets their cashmaster financially drain their bank accounts on demand. They get turned on by their hard earned cash being rinsed out of their accounts to make their dominant super happy.

What Is A Pay Pig?

A paypig is normally a submissive that gets sexually aroused from the fetish of being financially controlled by a dominant and having their bank card abused to please their master. They will typically be owned by one dominant and will send over regular tributes and payments to help fund the lifestyle of the dominant. Often the dominant will just request one of their paypigs to cover the cost of a receipt that they post on Twitter. In order to keep this relationship going the pig must meet the regular demands of their dom.

What I Meant By Slave?

A slave is controlled by the dominant but importantly does not have the ability to say no within the fetish.

What Is A Submissive?

A submissive is controlled but the dominant but has the option of saying no. Read our blog post on how to be a good submissive.

What Does Tribute Mean?


This is a money transfer sent to the dom by their submissive. This payment can be made through various different apps such as Paypal or CashApp. Tributes are the bread and butter of the Findom world and generate an income for the doms in exchange for content and regular domination.

What is Verified?

In the Findom world you have to watch out for scammers who are looking to steal your money. Sometimes fraudsters will pretend they’re legitimate but will actually be using other peoples content and making money off the back of a false identity. Many legitimate doms will post a verification photo of them holding up their name to prove their identity. You will then see them state that they are verified in their bio as a form of accreditation. Obviously this is not always possible as a lot of doms want to remain anonymous for a variety of different reasons.

We hope this ever growing Findom Glossary has helped you better understand Findom. If you’re looking to start your career as a Findom then we recommend reading our blog post: How to Become A Findom. If you would like to submit more terms to be added please email [email protected].


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