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Do you suffer with pain during sex?

If you suffer from pain during sex, a CBD intimate oil is a great choise for relieving some tension and helping you relax. Often being tense can cause discomfort, especially during anal sex.

TOCA Intimate Oils

Toca is a new plant-based, botanical lube that was launched with the desire to bring tingling sensations and natural well-being to the bedroom.

With therapeutic natural elements these CBD products have been created to sink into your natural system and explode your senses.

TOCA is a unique masterclass on how to draw together clinical herbalism, sex education, nutrition and sexual health. Quite simply, this sexy oil will help you tingle and climax.


Buy Toto

TOTO is a hemp-based botanical CBD intimate oil for all bodies. It is designed with the vulva/vagina in mind, but can also be used for all genitalia.

Perfect for vulva/vagina

This product gave a soft warming sensation to the vagina. It helped to reduce tension, and increase pleasure with a prolonged orgasm. It was the perfect sexy oil for a hot weekend away. It is so versatile as it can be used as a massage oil as well.


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QULO is a hemp-based botanical CBD intimate oil designed for all bodies. It is designed with anal sex/play in mind but is great for all erogenous zones.

Perfect for the anus

This product gave a soft warming sensation to the anus which provided a more intense sexual experience. It also allowed the natural opening of the anus as a bottom during gay sex. This is so important for many bottoms who accommodate a big penis, as it can be a challenge to pleasure your partner.

It is nice to know that the product is plant-based and natural and can also be used as a sexy massage oil. It doesn’t have a strong smell.

Where can I purchase Toto and Qulo?

Click the links to buy either Toto or Qulo


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