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To be successful on OnlyFans you should aim to get as many subscribers as possible. As subscribers pay a monthly subscription fee, the more subscribers you have the more money you can make. If you follow these thirteen tips, you will see your bank balance skyrocket. If this sounds amazing then sign up to OnlyFans now.

Improve your OnlyFans profile

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Identify a target audience

To be successful on OnlyFans you need to choose a target audience. Your target audience could be beauty fanatics, foodies, gym bunnies – the list is endless. Once you have chosen your target audience, make sure that your description, profile picture, and header are designed to be as appealing to that group as possible.

Create a good header

This is something that many people get wrong. Your header is typically the first thing a user sees. Use a high quality image that gives fans a flavour of what you will offer them should they subscribe. If you post adult content, please note that full frontal nudity is forbidden in header images. But you can still reveal some skin!

Write an enticing description

Your OnlyFans description is your best opportunity to sell yourself. Why should a fan choose to subscribe to you over somebody else on the platform? Explain what a fan will get by subscribing, for example, the opportunity to message you directly, the chance to receive exclusive never before seen videos, and maybe even a price list if you sell products too.

Get your pricing right

On OnlyFans you can charge a subscription fee between $4.99 and $49.99. But just because you can charge $49.99 per month, it doesn’t mean that you should. Most OnlyFans content creators charge between $9.99 and $19.99.

Grow a following on social media

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Share sneak previews of your content

Most OnlyFans content creators already have a following on social media before they make an OnlyFans profile. However, if you need to start from scratch for anonymity, then don’t feel disheartened. On Twitter and Instagram, you can gain thousands of followers by sharing candid content, and snippets of your OnlyFans videos. Remember to use relevant hashtags and tag relevant accounts that repost images and videos. One of the best things about Twitter especially, is that adult influencers are typically less restricted. So, if this is your thing, then you definitely need to make sure you’re tweeting regularly.

Make a note of common private requests

If you regularly get private requests from OnlyFans subscribers asking for something specific then make a note of it. It’s highly likely that there will be a demand for this across your target audience. Create the content, and share a sneak peak on social media with a link to your OnlyFans profile. With OnlyFans you are the business, and your subscribers are essentially ‘customers’, and the customer is always right!

Buy the right tools for the job

To keep your content interesting, and to allow you to do the best you can, you need the right tools for the job. Lovehoney toys, cooking equipment, jockstraps, and weights are some of the most common items used on OnlyFans. Some of these tools may only be used once or twice, however, they can always be recycled several months later, or sold if any of your subscribers would like to purchase them.

Offer discounts (sometimes)

Everybody loves a discount. To increase your number of subscribers overnight, slash your monthly subscription price by at least 50%. Gaining 100 new followers at $4.99, is far better than gaining 10 new followers at $9.99. The difference is nearly $400! You could choose to run promotional discounts for key seasonal periods such as Christmas, or choose to run promotions around pay day.

Be careful not to discount your monthly subscription price too often as it could cause resentment amongst fans who paid full price. Remember, gaining new subscribers only boosts the bottom line if you are able to retain the subscribers that you already have.

Cross-promote other profiles on social media

It might seem strange to promote a ‘competitor’. But actually it can be mutually beneficial. All that’s required in most cases is a simple retweet, or shoutout. It can lead to both individuals getting more subscribers on OnlyFans. This technique works particularly well if you are new to OnlyFans, but you’re aware of a few successful creators in your niche.

Collaborate with other creators

Collaborating with other creators is a fantastic way to reach new audiences. There are lots of factors that can make this either really easy or really difficult. If you live in a busy city, chances are it will be easy to find and film with another creator. However, if you share adult content, but live in a remote town it could be harder. Take this into account before reaching out to any creators.

Create great content

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Deliver fresh content

Ultimately subscribers want your content, so give the people what they want! Aim to share new videos at least once every few days on your OnlyFans profile. On the days when you don’t post a video, be sure to post a photo. This could be of anything. For example if you’re a beauty blogger, it could be a photo of a new palette that you will use in a tutorial later that week.

Make sure that the content you post is high quality, and appeals to your target audience. Not only will you make your subscribers happy, but it’s likely that they will tell their own friends about you. Just because OnlyFans is an online platform it doesn’t mean that word of mouth promotion doesn’t matter.

Don’t forget the seasons

Creating content that’s relevant to the seasons can be a good way to make sure your subscribers subscribe all year round. As mentioned earlier, gaining new followers is meaningless if your retention is poor. If you’re a fashion blogger, you could create a video showcasing your favourite looks by season. If you’re a fitness creator, you may decide to share more bulking videos in the winter, and more shredding videos in the run-up to summer. Lastly, as an adult creator, you may decide to get creative with unconventional props such as Christmas stockings.

Work with professional videographers

If you have been creating content at home for a while, you might want to get a professional on board. Working with a professional photographer or videographer is a fantastic way to get lots of new content created in a short space of time. Anything you create can be shared across a year. Ideally, make sure that the person you choose is experienced. If you’re a food blogger, make sure your photographer knows how to photograph food properly. If you do fitness, ensure that the videographer knows how to capture your body in the best light. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start, so reach out to fellow creators and ask for recommendations. 

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