How To Have The Best Sex In The Woods

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Where can I have sex in the woods?


Finding the right location is very important. As ‘woods’ just means any area of trees, it’s essential you make sure you pick the right spot. It must be away from the public, otherwise you may get into trouble. You don’t want to get spotted so find an area that is out of town deep in the countryside.

Be prepared for all weather

rainy woods

Outdoor sex is prone to torrential rain, sleet, snow and high winds. Be prepared to get wet (and not the one you’re thinking of). It may be worth checking the weather forecast before you set off into the woods.

Make sure you're dressed for the occasion

naked woods

Don’t wear your designer gear as you will ruin it with grass stains or mud. Wear dark colours and clothes that look good but you don’t mind if they get ruined. Stay clear of high heels or super white trainers as they will just get destroyed. If you want to rock your birthday suit and leave your clothes in the car, you are an absolute dare devil!

What time of day is best to have sex in the woods?

outdoor fuck

The best time to have sex in the woods is after dark. In the UK winter this is fairly early 5 pm onwards, but in the summer it is best to wait until after 11 pm to ensure nobody will be walking their dogs. This logic refers to anywhere around the world. The safest bet for having sex in the woods is after the sun goes down.

Do it in a car

car sex

You can park your car in the woods and have the luxury of comfy seats to enjoy sex on. The benefit of this is you will not get covered in mud but still have an adrenaline fuelled experience of having sex in the woods. Park up, turn off the engine, and make sure you grab the right gear stick! If it gets a bit steamy, just wind down the window slightly. Be aware of the bug though.

Is it easy to have sex in a tent?

tent sex

If you’re camping in the woods, a tent provides the perfect discreet place to have sex in. You can be as naughty as you like whilst being sheltered from the elements and away from public view. It can also be very romantic as you can gaze and watch the stars. You will 

Have sex in a luxury cabin

log cabin

There are more and more luxury cabins and lodges popping up on Airbnb. Have the best of both worlds, as you enjoy having sex in the woods whilst being surrounded by luxury. There is nothing quite like the romance of being fucked in a log cabin. You can always dress up as Miss Santa.

Can I have quick sex in the woods?

quick sex in the woods

If you’re happy to just pull your pants down and take a dick in the woods this doesn’t have to be a long event. If you just want a quickie, it will be over and done within no time.

What do I need to pack?

For sex in the woods, it is wise to pack some wet wipes. This is especially important during the summer months when it can be a bit hot and sweaty. Also, always have condoms on you to prevent the spread of STI’s and minimise the risk of getting pregnant. If you’re camping, in a car or staying in a luxury cabin feel free to bring your favourite sex toys. Nothing says naughty then being dildo’d by a tree. It can also be incredible hot to take some bondage into the woods. Maybe get handcuffed whilst having sex.

Can I wear fancy dress to have sex in the woods?

If being dressed as a french maid, whilst having sex in the woods turns you on then go ahead. Check out these sexy costumes.

How do I have better sex in the woods?

sex in the woods

The best advice for having sex in the great outdoors is to:

  • turn off any lights. This will only attract attention.
  • turn off music
  • make sure your phone has a full battery incase of any emergency
  • have a good idea where in the woods you are if you need any help
  • pack light otherwise you will be carrying a heavy bag which will only make you sweaty
  • bring a blanket so you don’t get bugs and dirt on your naked skin
  • if you’re in a tent an airbed can really help you have better sex. It will also stop you from getting backache. 
  • if you’re gay, don’t forget the lube.
  • bring your dildo
  • pick the right area. Sound out the right spot before you get down to hot sex. Make sure there are no holes you will fall down, sharp objects or anything that might ruin your fun.
  • relax and feel liberated


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