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Creating great content on OnlyFans is the only way to guarantee success on the platform. Only the very best content creators make thousands of dollars per month. If you want to be one of them sign up to OnlyFans now.

In this blog post we will answer OnlyFans content FAQs and explain how you can dominate the platform.

OnlyFans Content FAQs

What kind of content is on OnlyFans?

The majority of the content on OnlyFans is adult content. This content is usually created by models, personal trainers, and sex workers.

What should I post on OnlyFans?

Creators can post anything on OnlyFans. There are no limits. However, each creator should aim to earn as much money as possible on OnlyFans from their content. This means that every piece of content should be good enough to make subscribers feel glad that they paid for it. If your content isn’t good enough, subscribers will choose to invest their time and money in someone else.

Can I make OnlyFans content without showing my face?

Yes! Lots of OnlyFans content creators make content without showing their face. This is either achieved by only creating content from the neck down, using masks, or wearing a balaclava.

Can fans screenshot on OnlyFans?

Fans can screenshot content on OnlyFans on a computer. However, if fans try to take a screenshot with an iOS or Android device it will show a black screen.

What is a top 1% creator on OnlyFans?

A top 1% creator is in the top 1% of most subscribed OnlyFans creators. Every content creator should aim to make it to the top 1%. The profiles in the top 1% make 33% of all the money made on the platform. We’ve created a dedicated blog post on how to get more subscribers on OnlyFans.

How do you get good at Onlyfans?

To get good at OnlyFans, content creation should be treated as a full-time job. Think of your profile as a content production business – similar to Netflix. If Netflix didn’t have amazing shows you wouldn’t subscribe. Your OnlyFans profile is the same. Invest in yourself, take the time to practice your craft, then watch the dollars roll in.

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How to make great OnlyFans content

1. Identify your niche

To make great content on OnlyFans it’s important to identify your niche. Will you be making couples content? Will you cater to specific kinks or fetishes e.g. domination? Is your target audience straight men, gay men, or both? Having a strong understanding about the content you want to create from the beginning will save you time in the long run.

2. Invest in adult sex toys

As we mentioned previously, the majority of the content on OnlyFans is adult. Whilst cute photographs in underwear and lingerie may be effective on Twitter and Instagram, on your actual OnlyFans profile your fans will expect to see more.

Sex toys are perfect for OnlyFans creators because they can be used solo, or in duo – if you’re planning to make content with others. The best bit is that sex toys are relatively inexpensive too.

Lovehoney provides a range of beginner sex toy kits which are ideal for OnlyFans creators looking to make good content. Quick delivery, and discreet shipping is guaranteed. Our favourites are below:

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3. Find a space in your home with good lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of amatuer adult content. Great lighting will make the contours of your body look amazing, and improve the overall quality of any video. This is why finding a space in your home with good lighting is essential. Make it one of your top priorities.

The sun is one of the best light sources. You should aim to film your videos in the morning or early evening when the light is best. If your chosen filming room doesn’t have lots of natural light, use an LED ring light mounted either on a DSLR, or on it’s own stand.

If you’re self-conscious about your body try creating content using candlelight. Candlelight is extremely flattering against the skin, and won’t show too much detail. This could be the perfect way to create content whilst your confidence grows.

4. Ensure that your background is suitable

Ensure that the background to your content is suitable. You are the star of the show, so make sure there are no distractions in the background of your images and videos. Messy room? Clean it. Dirty dishes? Wash them. Family photos? Remove them (temporarily!).

If you find that your home is unsuitable for filming altogether you may want to transform a home garage or home office and make it your designated filming area.

5. Make sure your audio is crystal clear

Using external microphones will help capture crystal-clear audio. Clear audio is essential if you’re planning to talk dirty, or if you want to magnify the sounds of heavy breathing and moaning.

Don’t simply rely on the microphone on your mobile phone. Get the best microphone you can afford. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always choose to upgrade your microphone in the future once you start generating more income.

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7. Shoot from a variety of angles

When you’re watching porn, you’ll see a variety of different angles used in even the shortest of videos. You’ll have close-ups cutting from one angle to another, aerial shots, and POV angles.

As an OnlyFans creator, the simplest angle is to put your camera along the side of the bed or bedside table. This will enable you to get a wide shot.

If you hold your phone or camera in your hand you will easily be able to get POV shots.

If you’re filming an anal sex scene the penetrator could hold the camera to create shots which exaggerate the movement of the penis/dildo going in and out.

Using two cameras simultaneously can be an effective way to get a wide shot, and close-ups which can be edited together in one video to improve the overall viewing experience.

8. Film in short takes

When you’re short on time it can be quite appealing to film a bulk amount of content in a day for future use. But it’s really important to remember that it’s unlikely you will be as enthusiastic in hour 1, as you will be in hour 6. This can come across on camera. Rather than exhausting your mind, body, and holes, it could be better to film in short takes instead!

9. Offer exclusive content to your dedicated subscribers

Offering exclusive content to your fans is a great way to engage them and retain their attention. Remember, in addition to earning money through subscriptions – it’s possible to make money through tips and requests. For most OnlyFans creators, the earnings from tips and requests dwarfs the sums of money made through subscriptions. If you do a great job and get a hefty tip, you will be able to reinvest the money.

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10. Collaborate with experienced creators

If you’ve never created adult material before it can be helpful to collaborate with experienced creators. These creators could be adult porn stars, or may have just had a bit of a head start. By working with experienced adult stars you will receive lots of advice and guidance. And, you’ll have some great videos to share at the end of the day! 

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