How To Use Anal Beads

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What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are a sex toy consisting of a series of beads that are carefully inserted into your anus. Sometimes the beads are all the same size whilst others they go from small to large.

Are Anal Beads Just For Gay Sex?

anal beads

Often people associate anal toys with gay sex, but this isn’t always correct. Just like dildos, anal beads are for everybody. Whilst it’s true that many gay guys enjoy using anal beads, so do a large majority of straight people of both sexes. Anal beads are not just for gay sex.

I'm Scared Of Using Anal Beads

Anal beads are probably one of the most scary looking sex toys on the market. This is probably because it can be hard to imagine how it would feel having 5 plus beads inside your ass, and then having to pull them out one by one.

The thought of having somebody have that much control over your ass can also cause quite a lot of anxiety around anal beads.

Types Of Anal Beads

Increasing In Size

Some anal beads start off small and gradually increase in size the more you fit inside you. This allows your anus to slowly stretch and be prepared for the next size up.

Same Sized Beads

For experienced users, you may already have the confidence and ability to use large beads of equal size from the off.

Vibrating Anal Beads

For the supercharged experience of using Anal beads, buying vibrating anal beads will elevate your sensations to another level. Your ass will not only have the full feeling of the beads but also the intense vibrations. Vibrating anal beads often come with multiple speed settings, so you can mix and match the rhythm as you work your way towards climax.

vibrating anal beads

Pretty Anal Beads

Anal beads come in all shapes and sizes. To make your sex toy collection colourful and luxurious, there are different materials and finishes such as glass with a metallic finish. These colourful premium anal beads will often feel slightly different in texture when inside you so you may decide to have one glass and one silicone to mix and match.

How Can I Prepare My Ass For Using Anal Beads?

anal hygiene

Preparation is key to all anal play. One of the biggest causes of anxiety associated with using anal toys is the idea of having an embarrassing poop accident.

To prevent yourself from having an accident, you must make sure your ass is clean. Read our blog post a guide to anal training for tips on how to clean your ass properly.

You must also ensure that your ass has recently had a workout. By workout, we mean it’s good to practice with other sex toys, or fingers, before you go ahead and insert anal beads. Treat your ass like an instrument that needs tuning before playing.

How Do You Insert Anal Beads?

pull him onto you

Lube Up Your Anal Beads

Now your ass is all prepared, you need to prepare your anal beads. Make sure you beads are fully lubed up. This means rubbing a good amount of lube around each bead. Also, don’t forget to lube up your ass with your finger.

Slowly Insert Each Bead

Slowly insert the first bead into your ass and take deep breaths. Because anal beads are individual beads, you can stop and take a breath after each insert. As you move up the sizes, your ass will feel the pressure of the beads more intensely. This should feel amazing, but ff it starts to feel painful do not go any higher in bead size. This pain is your body telling you in a natural way to take it slow. Once your ass has adjusted and stretch a little you may feel comfortable moving on to the next bead.

What Lube Should You Use With Anal Beads?

Eash set of beads will list what lubes they’re suitable with. If they state they’re suitable to be used with silicone lube then we would recommend this over water-based lube. Silicone lube is thicker and doesn’t dry out as easily. When you first lube up your beads, silicone lube will last for a lot longer than water based.

Should I Remove Anal Beads Before I Have An Orgasm?


Because your ass tenses up when you are not horny, it is wise for first timers to remove anal beads before they have an orgasm. Waiting until you have an orgasm will make removing them less of a sexual experience but more of a painful experience.

Once you have used anal beads a couple of times you may feel confident enough to leave them in whilst you have an orgasm. This often causes a heightened sensation during orgasm as your ass tenses over the beads.

How Do You Remove Anal Beads?

Anal beach can be removed by slowly pulling on the handle until the first bead slides out of your ass. The more you tense up the harder it will be to pull the beads out so try and stay as relaxed as possible. It may be easier to focus on relaxing and let your partner slowly remove each bead one by one.

Is It Safe To Try Anal Beads?

Yes – anal beads are perfectly safe to use. As long as you listen to the signs your body is telling you, and you don’t feel pain, using beads is safe. Always use lube to prevent injuring yourself.

I've Tried Anal Beads And They Hurt Me

If anal beads are hurting you then this is probably down to a lack of lube or you not taking the time to relax your ass. Always go slowly with anal beads and build yourself up the next size. Not everybody will be able to take all of the beads, and it is about knowing your own body and limit. This will ensure you experience only pleasure whilst using anal beads.

I Have Got My Anal Beads Stuck In My Anus What Should I do?

anal beads stuck in ass

Although this sounds bizarre, getting objects and sex toys stuck up your ass is fairly common. With anal beads people tend to forget to keep hold of the handle. If this happens to you, just relax. The more you stress about it, the more tense your ass will be and the less chance you will have of retrieving them. 

If you still cannot find them after relaxing then go straight to A&E. They will be able to safely reach deeper into your ass and remove them. Whilst it may seem embarrassing at the time, there have been so many more weird things stuck up peoples ass’s than anal beads (trust us).


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