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date night ideas

Date nights are an important part of a healthy relationship. However, after a while they can start to get repetitive. So why not try a naughty date night instead? These 11 ideas are fun, sexy, and some are even free.

Go shopping for sex toys together

sex toys

In most couples one partner often hates shopping, whilst the other doesn’t. However, this will be a shopping experience that both of you can enjoy. First things first, it’s important to locate a sex shop in your local area. Try not to go to a seedy underground shop. Instead, opt for a reputable brand. Have a look around the shop and see if there’s anything that catches your eye. Once you’ve found a few new toys, go back home and try them in the bedroom. If you live in a small village or are worried that passers by might see you entering a sex shop, then you could always try shopping online at Lovehoney.

Pro tip: Remember to buy lubricant

Find naughty events in your city

bdsm fetish

Think burlesque shows, fetish clubs, and sex parties. Usually these events are hosted in big cities like London, New York, Berlin, Los Angeles, and Rome. If you don’t live near a major city, then make a weekend of it by booking a train or flight, and a hotel room overnight. A list of suggestions is below for inspiration:

  • Le Boudoir – the UK’s leading swingers club for adult swingers parties
  • Torture Garden – the world’s largest fetish and body art club
  • Killing Kittens – world-famous parties are designed to encourage and liberate women with burlesque parties, and experimentation, all led by Kittens (women).
  • Skirt Club – A ladies only private members club to embolden women and encourage sexual exploration

Drizzle your partner’s body in chocolate

Drizzle melted and slightly cooled dark chocolate on your lover’s body. Then lick it off slowly and sensually. Spend more time licking the more sensitive areas such as the toes, nipples, and clitoris. Although it’s possible to try using other products like whipped cream instead, chocolate is better because it contains a chemical called phenylethylamine. This chemical triggers the release of dopamine (the happy hormone).

Meet someone new, together


If you’re keen to try a threesome then one of your date nights could involve meeting someone new to join you for a night of pleasure. This idea requires advance preparation ahead of the night itself. You and your partner will need to discuss whether you’re looking for a man or woman, what the boundaries are, and consider the risks. After this, you can create a couples profile on an app like Grindr, Tinder, Feeld or 3Somer. Once you have found the perfect match, we recommend meeting them in person in a public place before inviting them into your home. Treat this like you would treat any other date.

Learn to dance

learn to dance

Most men shy away from learning to dance. They’ll say they “don’t know how”. But do not listen to them. Don’t underestimate the bonding power of learning something new with your partner. Dancing isn’t inherently naughty, but latin dances can be. Latin dances require you and your partner to spend long periods of time pressed against each other. Hip to hip, chest to chest, and mouth to mouth. It’s the closest thing to sex, that you can get away with in public! Latin dances like the samba, salsa or rumba are very sensual and fluid. They will definitely get the blood pumping.

Try a date night in reverse

Usually date nights end with sex. But why not try date night in reverse once in a while? Start your evening with long intense sex, followed by a hot shower together. Get ready and dressed up for an evening at your favourite restaurant, then spend the night at a bar, or club. Reverse date nights work particularly well for couples with children. It means you can do the noisy part whilst the children are still being looked after by a friend, relative, or nanny.

Take a bath together

sexy bath

Run a nice bath for your partner on date night for a romantic evening inside. Add aromatic bath oils or bath salts, and light some scented candles in the bathroom. For extra fun add a waterproof sex toy to the mix.

Pick each other up at a bar

This idea requires both people to use their imagination. But it can be a great way to spend a few hours because flirting can be fun. Get ready for date night together, but head to a bar separately. One of you should arrive 5-10 minutes after the other. Pretend to be strangers and make eye contact across a bar until somebody makes the first move. Spend some time getting to know each other. But try to create an interesting backstory to keep things interesting.

Play strip poker

strip poker

Poker is fun. But strip poker is fun and naughty. The rules are very simple: whoever loses a round has to take off a particular item of clothing. You can play the game until you are both down to your underwear. However, if you don’t enjoy playing poker you could always play strip monopoly or strip charades.


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