Sex Aids For Older Adults

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Sex aids for the elderly may seem difficult to find. If you’ve never used sex aids, or aren’t sure how to use them then you should read this blog post! We’ve rounded up the best sex aids including aids which are suitable for those with arthritis, erectile dysfunction, and mobility issues.

Sex Furniture For Older Adults


Sex Furniture or ‘erotic furniture’ is is any form of furniture that can act as an aid to sexual activity. Opting to buy erotic furniture that can be used on beds, floors, or sofa’s can be a great way to keep the fire burning in a relationship.

Best Sex Furniture Aids For The Elderly



Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge doesn’t look particularly special. You may even think “what’s the point?”. However, the Liberator Wedge is a dedicated sex positioning pillow. It elevates the pelvis and makes certain sex positions that were once not comfortable more comfortable. Therefore this unassuming sex aid should not be overlooked. The Wedge also makes G-spot stimulation easier and deeper. The subtle design of the wedge means that you won’t need to hide it should the grandkids play hide and seek around the house!
Liberator Wedge

Liberator BonBon Sex Toy Mount

The Liberator BonBon is a piece of sex furniture that can be used either to improve range of motion when a couple is having sex, but its main selling point is the fact that it can very effectively hold a dildo/vibrator in place that can then be used however you please. If you are single, you can put the Liberator BonBon on a bed and mount the Liberator BonBon to ride a dildo. Alternatively, a vibrator can be inserted into the deep pocket, to be angled towards you for hands-free fun.

liberator bonbon sex toy mount

Sex Toys For Older Women


There are a range of different sex toys available for older women. Feelings of frustration can easily be alleviated with an aid whether you have a partner or not.



Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys used by women. Before making a purchase, it’s important to decide whether you would like your vibrator to stimulate your clitoris, or stimulate your vagina. Clitorial stimulation is usually the easiest way to orgasm for women. However if you miss vaginal penetration, opting for a ‘rabbit vibrator’ that does both could be a good idea.

Vibrators are also a useful tool for couples if erectile issues are present in your relationship, if your partner is so well endowed that it makes penetrative sex painful, or if you would like extra stimulation to ensure you orgasm on a regular basis.

Best Vibrators For Older Women

Zumio Deep Stimulation SpiroTIP Clitoral Vibrator

The Zumio SpiroTIP is ideal for mature women who have never had a vibrator before. This vibrator is designed to make you orgasm in under 60 seconds. As the Zumio SpiroTip is lightweight and relatively small, it could be suitable for those with limited mobility in their hands. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the handle remains vibration-free no matter how intense your play becomes.

Zumio Spirotip Vibrator

The Doxy Massager

The Doxy Massager has an almost identical design to the popular Magic Wand Original which first burst on the scene in 1968. However the mains powdered Doxy Massager is 30% more powerful than the Magic Wand. You can explore a range of speeds and pulsations to orgasm with, or without a partner. Explore the selection of seriously strong speeds and pulsations, starting with slow, deep rumbles and building up to high frequency, powerful vibrations.

Doxy Mains Rechargeable Wand

Iroha by Tenga

If you have arthritic wrists try the Iroha Midori, Yuki, or Sakura from Tenga. The Iroha toys probably look unlike any other sex toy you have seen before. These vibrators are cute, soft, and pillowy. The soft-touch silicone makes these sex toys feel incredibly smooth. The ergonomic design of the Midori, Yuki and Sakura makes them easy on arthritic wrists. You don’t need to hold them at strange angles or struggle with the weight. Each Iroha toy is slightly unique. The Midori is well rounded and can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. The Yuki has a semi insertable tip. Whilst the cherry-blossom pink Sakura has a pincher to further stimulate the clitoris.

Iroha by Tenga

Sex Toys For Older Men


Men often don’t like to ask, or look for help – especially in the bedroom. However, if you’re a man, or you are in a relationship with a man, there are several toys which can make sex more enjoyable. There are a range of different sex toys available for older men. Feelings of frustration can easily be alleviated with an aid whether you have a partner or not.

Cock rings


Cock rings, or penis rings, can help men who struggle with maintaining a hard erection. This is because cock rings squeeze the blood vessels that carry blood out of the penis and cause blood to leave more slowly. Cock rings come in different materials, from flexible silicone and rubber to leather and metal. For the beginner, a soft silicone ring is the way to go!

Best Cock Rings For Older Men

Tantus Silicone Cock Ring

The Tantus Silicone Cock Ring is made of medical silicone which makes it extremely safe for use. It stretches from 1.5 inches to 3 inches, and has a width of just 0.5 inches which makes it unintrusive upon penetration. All that’s required before use is for you to rub a water-based lubricant around the rim. Please note that cock rings should only be used for up to 30 minutes at a time.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS

The Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS is at the other end of the spectrum. It has two integrated motors to tantalise your perineum, whilst simultaneously stimulating a female partner’s clitoris. Like the Tantus, the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS is made from smooth silicone and worn at the base of the shaft. However, this particular cock ring vibrates. There are 5 different vibration modes to try to ensure that you can find the right tempo for you and your partner.

Hot octopuss atom plus

Prostate Massagers


Prostate massagers are designed to massage your prostate. Most prostate massagers have similar design features. They typically have a curved shaft with a tapered tip to provide a point to stimulate the prostate. However, it’s not uncommon to find prostate massagers that are connected to cock rings, or prostate massagers that can also stimulate the perineum. The massager can be inserted fairly easily without a water based lubricant.

Best prostate massager for elderly men:


Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager slimline prostate massager has a smooth silicone case, and a flared base to ensure that it stays put. The overall girth of the toy is 3 inches, whilst the insertable length is 4 inches. Although it’s possible to use vibrating prostate massagers too, such as the LELO Bruno, opting for a manual massager first is typically recommended if you’ve never tried anal play before. As manual prostate massagers are often cheaper too, you can end up saving money if you decide that anal play isn’t for you!

Aneros helix syn prostate massager

Bondage Sex Aids


Bondage is the ‘B’ in BDSM. BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. Even if you’ve never once been interested in BDSM, it’s definitely worth trying some of the introductory kits with your loved one. You can use the toys straight out of the box to build different levels of arousal and stimulation.

Best Bondage Aids For Elderly Couples


Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit

The Lovehoney Luxury Bondage Kit is silky smooth for comfortable fun in the bedroom. This 7-piece set includes a blindfold, tickler, flogger and restraint which means that you can go at your own pace. Tie your lover up using the satin feel ribbons, and try using some of the most popular entry-level bondage products from the comfort of your own home.

Love Honey Bondage Kit

Bondage Boutique Dominant Dream Bondage Kit

If you would rather dive into bondage with both feet, rather than dip your toes in the water, then this Bondage Boutique 6-piece kit could be the one. This kit has everything that you need for bondage fun. In this kit you get a blindfold, ball gag, collar and leash, wrist cuffs, a flogger and ankle cuffs.

Bondage Boutique Dominant Dream

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