Skype Sex: How To Have Great Video Sex

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It can be daunting to have sex on video, especially if you have never tried it before. So, if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got a formula that you can use for care-free fun.

Set boundaries early on

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We’ve all heard horror stories about revenge porn. It is one of the main reasons why people shy away from Skype sex. However, by clearly setting boundaries from the outset, you can take steps to ensure that your partner plays by the rules. We advise explicitly telling your partner that no filming is allowed to protect yourself in the event of a breakup, or security breach.

Arrange a time

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Skype sex should not be a quickie. Ensure that you arrange choose a mutually convenient time, and add on an extra 30 minutes in case something unexpected pops up. You don’t want your work mobile to ring as you’re about to climax.

Get yourself in the mood

Rather than jumping straight into video sex, it’s better to get yourself in the mood first. Run yourself a bath to relax if you’ve been working all day. Send naughty pictures to each other to get the blood pumping. Read erotic fiction, or watch pornography for an hour beforehand. Essentially, do anything that makes you feel like you would want to have sex before you log on.

Dress for the occasion

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It’s a good idea to make an effort with your appearance. It will make you feel extremely sexy and give you added confidence to commit to the sex session. Wearing something racy will also be appreciated by your partner. Buy something new that they haven’t seen before to surprise them on the day. Ann Summers has a range of sexy lingerie for women. For gay men, your go-to should be Andrew Christian. The brand is renowned for creating underwear that makes men wild. From jockstraps and thongs to briefs and boxers there’s something for everyone.

Talk dirty

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Dirty talk might be something that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing with your partner in the person, but it can improve the overall experience on video. Here are a few phrases that you could try before and during sex with your partner:

  • I get so turned on just thinking about you
  • I really need you right now
  • I love how you look at me when you’re turned on
  • You look so beautiful/handsome/ right now
  • Seeing you like this makes me so hard/wet/hot

Use sex toys

We Vibe Vibrators

Introduce some sex toys to make the experience more exciting. There are three different types of sex toys that can be used for Skype Sex:

Non-vibrating sex toys

Non-vibrating sex toys include products like dildos, butt plugs, and masturbators. These toys are typically well suited to couples trying sex toys for the first time. You can take it in turn to use various toys, or pleasure yourselves simultaneously so that you can orgasm together.

App-controlled sex toys

App-controlled sex toys are fantastic for same-sex long-distance couples. We-Vibe creates sex toys which can be controlled anywhere in the world with an app. This means that you and your partner can play with each other despite being miles apart. The award-winning We-Vibe Sync is one of the most popular app-controlled sex toys. This g-spot vibrator has a run time of 90 minutes and is 100% waterproof. We-Vibe is also renowned for its app-controlled Vector prostate massager for men

Interactive sex toys

App-controlled sex toys are similar to interactive sex toys. However, the main difference is that interactive sex toys toys typically work in unison. When the master toy moves, the controlled toy will react. So, if a man is thrusting his penis into a masturbator, the female vibrator will start vibrating. The faster the thrusts become, the more intense the vibrations become, so that you can both climax together. For heterosexual couples, we recommend combining Lovense’s Max 2 (for him) with Lovense’s Nora (for her).


Skype Sex Woman Orgasm

To ensure that your Skype sex session has a happy ending, it’s important that both sides experience an orgasm. Otherwise, it can decrease the likelihood that you or your partner would try again.

Evaluate the experience

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As with all things in life, reflection is key. After trying this once, it’s really important to evaluate the experience individually. What went well? What didn’t quite happen as planned? Was it awkward at the beginning? Once you have evaluated the experience – communicate with your partner! This means that both of you will have the chance to express your feelings and make the second time even better.


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