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If you’re looking for mature dating tips then chances are you’ve maybe had a long marriage that has come to an end or you have sadly lost a partner. Maybe you have just never found the right one. Whatever your personal circumstance is, it can be quite daunting to jump back into the world of dating. This blog post will help you get mentally prepared for the dating scene.

Be Open To Trying New Things

Maybe you have had decades married to one person and this had made you become reliant on a set routine or structure. The dating scene is very different to a long term relationship. You need to be willing to put yourself out there and be flexible and accommodating. Try new things that are outside of your comfort zone in order to meet new people. These new things could include; trying out new places to meet for food and drinks or sampling new sex positions and sex toys. Perhaps you want to explore your sexuality.

You should embrace this new world and enjoy the excitement that comes your way.

Don't be afraid to explore your sexuality

You are free to explore who you are and what turns you on. The world is a different place now to what it was 20-30 years ago. Maybe you’re bisexual or just want to experiment with the same sex. If you’re a mature man looking to explore with another man then have a read of our blog post on the signs of bisexuality in males.

Invest in yourself

invest in yourself

To be successful at mature dating in 2022, you need to take it seriously. To do this, you need to invest in yourself. By doing so you will be taking a massive step forward to finding your next dream partner.

Get A Haircut

mature man

Whether you’re male or female you need to book yourself in for a new haircut. This is your opportunity to experiment. Maybe you want to be the exciting blonde you always thought you could be or the slick Danny from Grease. Trying out a new look will give you the confidence on your date and also make you sexually appealing to your next partner.

Go To The Gym

mature yoga

You’re never too old to hit the gym. Many gyms have discounts for older people. Modern gyms are incredibly liberal places where everyone can work out and relax together. You can teach younger people tips and tricks but also learn new things too. Maybe try taking part in a yoga class.

By working out you will increase your strength and stamina which will come in handy when you start having sex again.

Go Shopping

mature dating face products

Treat yourself to some new clothes and a new fragrance. Don’t forget the skincare products so your skin looks rich and youthful on your next date.

 Investing in your image is a huge attraction on the mature dating scene. Just because you’re of a certain age doesn’t mean you cannot be the most stylish version of yourself.

Invest In Some Sex Toys

Dating as a mature person allows you to bring the wealth of experience you have to the bedroom. You know what you like and perhaps what you’ve always wanted to try. This is your opportunity to do it. Build up your sex toy collection of stylish dildos, anal beads and vibrators. Make yourself feel sexy and youthful with some new naughty lingerie. It is so important that you embrace how you can be free and feel liberated.

Explore Mature Dating Sites

mature dating sites

After taking care of your image and body it is now time to set up some dating profiles so you can start interacting with other single people. Here are some top sites for mature dating. There are also many more out there and new ones popping up all the time.


eHarmony is a really easy site to use for mature singles. This has been the go-to place for mature singles looking for love for over 20 years now. The only negative is that it doesn’t offer an LGBTQI+ section.


EliteSingles is a very popular platform for mature dating and it lets you also match with people of specific academic profiles and job aspirations. The membership is a little expensive but there is also a free version.


SilverSingles is a straightforward dating website for the over 50’s that also lets you also search for friends and serious/casual dates. There is a fairly long questionnaire to fill out though and the free version has quite a few restrictions.


GarParship is a great option for gay mature dating. You can find professional and educated LGBTQI+ dates.


Bumble is a really great casual site for seniors looking for fun. You can also download the app on your phone and start matching with like-minded mature folk within minutes. There is also the BFF option if you’re not looking for sex just friends.


mature travel

Do not limit yourself to just dating in one place. Go and travel the world and meet up with people online. Book somewhere nice and sunny, pack your things and go off on an adventure. Your dream partner might just be staying in the same resort on the same dating app. 

Solo travel is easier than you think. If the idea scares you, ask a single friend to go with you. You did this in your twenties, you can do it again. At least this time you can afford to stay in a luxury hotel.

Be Confident

confident mature woman

Confidence is very attractive. Even if you don’t feel it initially the more you date the higher it will become. Embrace your life experience and use it as fuel to embrace the dating scene. Always remember that you deserve the best and whilst there will be frogs out there plenty of lovely people will come your way.


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