The Ultimate Power Bottom Guide for 2022

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The moment you have always been dreaming of. You finally want to be on top from the bottom. Has all that pandemic frustration made you realise being a submissive just doesn’t always cut it?

Some bottoms lie back and enjoy having their holes pounded by their dominant partner, whilst gay power bottoms enjoy taking complete control over how they ride dick. This power bottom guide is about equipping you with the tools and confidence to do just that.

Exercise everyday to build up your stamina

gym workout

Train that bum! Being a power bottom is hard work. Dictating how fast you ride a cock is taxing on the muscles, so it really helps if you are in good shape physically. This obviously has the added benefit of attracting your partner even more and making that dick extra hard.

Stretch your body


Fitness is one thing but flexibility will allow you to comfortably hold those unique sex positions. Try taking up Yoga and practicing your downward dog. Yoga will also improve your balance and ability to perform more unique positions.

Make sure you're clean

The basic rule for anal sex is to make sure that you’re clean. Read more in our previous blog Anal Training: A Guide To Training For Anal Penetration. Cleansing your ass is key and purchasing an anal douche will help you achieve that.

Practice with sex toys

bdsm toys

Experimenting with gay sex toys will really help you understand what your hole can take. Knowing these limits will give you the confidence as a power bottom to really go for it in the bedroom. There are some amazing anal sex toys out there. You can try having your way with a large and thick dildo that sticks to the wall or practice holding in a butt plug whilst you watch Netflix. This will prepare your hole and make it less tight.

Invest in some high quality lube

As a gay power bottom lube is your best friend. Investing in more premium brands such as pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide Lubricant will provide longer lasting lubrication and allow you to thrust harder for longer. Fruity smells can also enhance the experience and make it feel like a special occasion.

Have the confidence to try new sex positions

Feel free to explore new positions to push down on your partner’s dick. There is no written rule to what position will feel the best for you or your partner, as it ranges from person to person. On the internet it tends to be the same old ‘doggy style’ so the camera can get a good angle, but there are unlimited positions if you are creative. Try Cliff Diver or Rock, Rock, Rockin’ In The Rocking Chair

Make use of a wall


Thrusting deep onto a dick is hard on a bouncy bed. Try changing things up by pushing your partner against the bedroom wall. This will allow you to push really hard back onto his dick whilst he is held in one place.

Pull him into you

pull him onto you

As you lie on your back with your legs in the air, try holding onto his bum and pulling him into your hole. You can also try wrapping your legs around him and doing the same.

Be boss bitch

boss bitch

Tell him what to do and what position to adopt, so you can thrust onto his dick. Communication is key to power bottoming, especially if this is your first time and he is normally the dominant one. Be your powerful self and take charge.

Dont expect to power bottom everyday

bubble bath

If you power bottom every day your will hurt your bum. It is much better to make sure you have some bum TLC in between sessions so it can recharge and recover. Treat your bum to some days off and some luxury baths with soothing essential oils.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t kid yourself, your first time power bottoming might be an epic fail, but do not give up! With practice comes perfection and it wont be long before you amaze yourself, and your partner, with some five star power bottoming.


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