What does NSA Mean In Dating?

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Do you keep reading NSA or have people message your profile requesting NSA. This blog post will give you the full low down on the NSA meaning in dating, and how to use this information.

What is the NSA meaning?

NSA is an acronym for no strings attached. It simply means a fuck without the strings that you would normally have with follow up messages or meets. NSA is typically a term used for single people that want to have fun but without the commitment.

What is a NSA relationship?

nsa relationship

People in a relationship may well be in an open relationship where they enjoy sleeping with others. This is normally referred to as a NSA relationship because they already have their life partner.

I'm not looking for a relationship just NSA

NSA can be very appealing for people that have just come out of a long term relationship. It is a safe tag that allows them to experiment and have fun without somebody falling for them or being let down if they don’t message back.

Can I have a relationship with a person that only wants NSA?


The key to this is to respect the person’s wishes but also bear in mind that people change when they fall for someone. A lot of people just want fun until the right person comes into their life and there is nothing to say that an NSA hook up might not develop into something more. It is, however, important to manage your expectations and not fall for somebody that only wants no-strings fun.

Should I use the label NSA on my dating app profile?

If all you want is some fun, maybe a blowjob or a fuck but nothing more then you should use the term NSA in your dating profile. This will help your match up with other people that just want NSA fun.

I just want NSA sex is that ok?

NSA fuck

If meeting strangers in the night, fucking wildly without strings, is your bag then NSA is perfect for you. Knock knock, clothes off, fuck and leave. You should never feel guilty about choosing NSA. It’s perfectly natural so enjoy it.

Is NSA safe?

The downside to NSA or no strings attached, is you do not know this person. They could be violent or have an STI. Just be very careful when you let strangers into your house or going into other people’s house until you have got to know them a bit first. Try and test out if they are a nice person by asking them different questions and monitor their responses. If you receive very blunt replies, or aggressive replies, it would be best to try somebody else.

Always play safe in NSA


The number one rule in NSA is to use protection. Make sure you use a condom to prevent the spread of STI’s and getting pregnant with a stranger. Suddenly these elements make it less NSA and more ‘call me back’ we have something to discuss.

I'm a gay guy into NSA, should I start taking PREP?

PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis. Taking PREP involves a person who doesn’t have HIV, regularly taking a pill to reduce their risk of HIV infection.  Taking PREP can protect you from catching HIV during NSA. You can read more about PREP here.

NSA makes me feel dirty and is bad for my OCD

If you are prone to intense OCD thoughts and fixations then having NSA is probably not the healthiest choice for your mental health. A relationship would provide you with more trust and guarantees of not getting STI’s or other infections.

NSA fuels my sex addiction

If you have been diagnosed as having a sex addiction then NSA is most likely your kryptonite. There is lots of support out there to keep you from NSA and hookups. Keep strong and take up hobbies to fill your mind with other thoughts. For help and support on sex addiction click here.

Is NSA the new post pandemic trend?

Since lockdown 2020 and global lockdowns, many relationships have been tested to breaking point. People missed the so-called freedom and space and have since decided to be single and focus on going out, fucking and being young.

Can I use sex toys during NSA?

sex toys

Yes, absolutely, sex toys are a great addition to any NSA meet. Be yourself and experiment with whatever toy turns you or your partner on. Try out a sex toy kit but remember to never share sex toys and always clean your sex toy after use for good hygiene. To get 15% off sex toys for NSA meets click here.

Experiment during NSA meets.


Don’t feel you just need to keep it the same during NSA. How about trying your first gay sex act or having a threesome. If you have never tried anal sex before then a MMF threesome might be just the treat for you. Or there is always a bit of BDSM to spice up your sex life.


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